now on youtube and instagram

R E Pearce Properties Ltd have extended their social media coverage by adding Youtube and Instagram. We like to let everyone know what we are up to, what we're doing and whats coming up, so adding these platforms will help everyone updated.

Our Instagram account will be partnered with our Facebook account to give you updates on the day-to-day goings on, just search for repearcepropertiesltd and follow us to keep to date. 


We pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship which goes into every one of our new homes, so we will be adding Video tours and other media to Youtube in the near future so more people can get a greater insight into the effort which goes into producing our homes. Just search for R E Pearce Properties Ltd on Youtube to access our content. Please see above our first video showcasing some of our best properties from the last 10 years, sadly we can't show them all.


We'll be making regular posts on Instagram to show what we've been up to, what we're doing and also showing off some past completed homes in our Throwback Thursday posts.

We hope everyone enjoys our regular updates.

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